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This holiday try a switcheroo:
Trade out some beef based burgers for a nice meaty portobello (it will not make you smell like a hippie, I swear). Some of you have seen this trick already, but I’m telling you, Bello Burgers are back. Well, I think they should be anyway.

Just remove stem, brush with olive oil/salt/pepper and grill as you would its bovine based counterpart. Place on toasted bun with your best toppings and condiments. Be sure to toast or grill that bun, it is happiness.
Nutritionally it’s so guilt free that you can splurge on extra potato salad. Emotionally it has that nice chew you’re used to and luscious juices to soak into the bun and maybe dribble down your chin.
But the main attraction, really, is what’s on top, right?
Of late, I’ve been addicted to roasted red pepper with goat cheese and pesto. However, this holiday may warrant grilled onion, blue cheese and barbeque sauce… Or heirloom tomato, fontina and a drizzle of aged basalmic? One of each, please.

P.S. If you’re tight on grill space just throw these on for a few minutes, gill side up and then transfer to a warm oven to keep warm.


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This is worth doing. I made this sandwich for a road trip no less than five years ago and received rave reviews. Why it’s taken me that long to re-create it, I’m unsure. Perhaps it’s because it required me to shop for things that aren’t always in my pantry. Regardless, my husband almost cried when he saw it.
Regardless, do as I tell you. This is a great sandwich to take on the go too, I like to call it the Hitchhiker Sandwich.

Hitchhiker Sandwich

1 round boule loaf
2 tablespoons pesto, homemade or purchased from the store
1/2 pound proscriutto
1/2 pound Monterey Jack cheese
1 jar roasted red peppers
1 medium tomato sliced

Cut the top from the bread in a cone shape. Remove as much of the interior of the bread as possible while maintaining the structural integrity of the loaf. Smear the insides of bread with pesto then layer the meat, cheese, peppers and tomatoes in to your liking. Put the top on the loaf and press firmly. Slice.

If you’re an over achiever you could slip in some baby arugula if it’s not being prepared too far in advance.

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