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Last night was not the first time I’ve given my husband this look in a restaurant, apparently. I found this picture from a trip to San Sebastian, Spain where you can see the locals got into the act, as well. Dining as a couple provides ample opportunity.┬áTake last night.

Firstly, there is the whole ordering coordination. The “what are you getting?…oh good, I can have a bite of that and still order this other thing etc….”

Then there is the cross-examination of the server. This is where the adage, “there are no stupid questions” just doesn’t apply. My husband asks, “What is better the bolognese or the roast chicken?” Our server can’t hide his bafflement. “Well, do you feel like pasta or chicken?”

Next, my appetizer of gratineed raclette arrives. Before I can grab my fork my husband digs in. I shoot him another look. Before I can speak he quips, “Blog about it.”

Finally, he dubs the night: Nightmare Dinner with My Husband. Not really, but I like to keep him on his toes.


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