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CSA Virgin

E has entrusted me to guard and defend her CSA box. Risky, E.

How does a CSA virgin respond? Will I lather myself in produce and lie drunkenly on the kitchen floor not sure whether to throw the whole box into a late-summer gazpacho or a savory tart? I believe the words “share” or “split” were used. Ahem…Do high school seniors on a Cancun spring break “split” the frat boy they just met at the pool?

Dear E,

There are no guarantees when a girl has been pent up as long as I.

Eager and Market-Bound,



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Check out this quarter’s titillating article in Gastronomica by Keridwen Cornelius on “Eating with Your Hands.” 

Cornelius describes the experience as “a meeting of soul and skin….It’s getting soaked in a monsoon, taking off your shoes and squishing wet sand between your toes, making mud pies, impaling raspberries on your fingertips and kissing them off one by one till your mouth is juicy and full…The mutual giving and receiving between fingers and tongue.” 

Oh, yeah. Can I just excuse myself for a minute?


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